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Walk-in Services

We always welcome walk-ins for nail trims. At this time we regret that we are not unable to accommodate Walk-ins for services other than nail clippings.


The prices of most services very based on your pets size. We take the utmost care of each of our pets. We know they are your pets but we treat each one as if he or she was our own. Our wash tubs are large enough to accommodate any size dog or cat. We've even been known to bathe pets that are not so common. 

Prices for services
Full groom (fg) includes bath, brush, blow dry, nails, ear cleaning, anal gland expression if needed, and hair cut.

Bath and brush (bb) includes bath, brush, blow dry, and nail trim.

Xsm fg $45+
Xsm BB $28+

Sm fg $55+
Sm bb $28+

Med fg $65+
Med bb $32+

Lg fg $80-$100+
Lg bb $40-$55+

Xlg fg $120 +
Xlg bb $60 +

*All prices are subject to change on a case by case basis.*

Additional services

We offer a wide range of services that cover everything from nail clippings and flea baths to getting rid of that awful skunk smell after an unfortunate encounter.
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